Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Experience with Tubal Reversal and the Impact on Post Tubal LigationSyndrome Symptoms

I woke up at 4 AM on March 23rd, well before my alarm. Butterflies in my stomach. Everyone still sound asleep. Checked and rechecked my bags. I went through the motions of heading to the airport without much thought; my husband drove and I babbled the whole hour about anything and everything. It wasn't til he had to leave me at the security check line and head back home that it really hit me that I was on my way. Surgery was finally coming, after feeling like it was eternally months away. 

I flew to Los Angeles from Portland. Then to Dallas, and from there to a small airport in McAllen, Texas. I flowed through each connection with minimal anxiety. There was a peace over everything, and it felt like I was going exactly where I was meant to.  

My reversal was performed the next day, March 24th 2015. It felt like a whirlwind. Multiple doctors, nurses, swirling about and working in synchronized fluidity. Their voices calm, their words kind, and their determination evident after finding things a little worse off in there than my operative reports let on. 

I'm about 5 weeks post surgery now, if my math is correct but admittedly, numbers aren't my strong suit. 

I will go ahead and put this out there before I articulate my personal experience with tubal reversal as a remedy for PTLS; not every woman will find relief through reversal. There are so many variables at play that there's no knowing 100% if it's the answer for you or not. It's very much a gamble, one you need to weigh for yourself. For me, this made the most sense to try before the other more drastic options and we were willing to spend the money even knowing it may not change anything. 

At 5 weeks (and one cycle already), these are the symptoms I am officially able to say are gone for me:
  • Unexpected tears and mood swings
  • Night sweats
  • Abnormal periods, longer cycles,  heavier periods. 
  • Pelvic pain (This has been a huge deal for me. 20 months of daily pelvic pressure and pain were gone overnight.)
  • Bleeding after intercourse
  • Severe ovulation pain
  • Increased bleeding in gums
  • Loss of balance, light-headedness, and dizziness
  • Hair loss and thinning in head (there are baby hairs along the front of my hairline where the lost hair is regrowing, I couldn't believe it when I noticed it two weeks ago)
  • Unexpected attacks of bloat
  • Tenderness of breast (this was a daily thing after tubal ligation, stopped happening about 9 days after reversal)
  • Sore joints, aching, tendons and muscles
  • Mental confusion, lack of concentration, feeling "in a fog". 
  • Abnormally high anxiety 

  • I do not believe this is all coincidence. These things that impacted my daily life for close to two years dissipating within weeks of reversal leads me to feel even more strongly that we need to push for true informed consent for women considering sterilization. My quality of living suffered greatly. I can't get back those 20 months. Women who live with it way longer than that cannot reclaim that time either. When we have doctors telling people that Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome is "a thing" and exists and that they'll treat it for them, and turn around to tell women that there's absolutely no chance sterilization can hurt a woman, there is a serious damn problem. 

    I'm not done with this issue. I'm still on fire over it. I'm still holding the hands of the women I've met still stuck in it. I'm still talking loud and spreading the word every way I can manage. I'm healing physically, but I will never be the same. 

    1. It's great to have you back =)

    2. Thank you for sharing! You're so strong!!

    3. Thank you so much for this post. I have had my better half question that the reversal would be what would relieve many of the same side effects or symptoms you explain having relief from having tr ...I have mine scheduled for June 17 th ...but suffering an enormous amount of pain physically and emotionally this cycle...I hope the end is near for me and the relief of having my life back and under control of my emotions and anger that is destroying me and the ones close to me.

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